The camera loves you baby...

You don't need to be this silly, but have fun and let your personality shine through.

Over the past few years I have had lots of photo taken of me for different campaigns, work thingamajigs and content for our website. I’ve put together some tips for getting the right shots that represent your brand and you. 

1. Dress code

If you never wear a suit to work why would you wear one to a Photoshoot. Avoid things like branded tees, or slogan tees that might not be appropriate for your audience. 

 Stripes and heavy patterns are also a good idea to avoid (See the image to the right, STRIPES!!grrr..)

Plain colours or simple patterns work very well and will also stand the test of time. You also want the ability to apply a black and white filter to your images and some patterns don’t translate well. For black and white images try on colours that will contrast well. When in doubt take a selfie and apply the filter, you’ll get the idea.

2. Find your light!

 If your photographer plans to shoots indoors they will mostly likely use artificial lights, make use you bring along a compact powder to dab your skin to stop it from looking too shiny. It’s especially important when the weather is warm. 

I love to shot outside and natural light is very flattering and QuickRing changing up your location is not as difficult as rearranging lighting inside. 

A nice natural look is the best way to go.

3. Face baby!

 When you put your morning makeup on, think about just putting a tiny bit more on. Don’t go over the top because you will move too far away from your natural look. Make sure you feel comfortable because that will shine through the lens.

4. Whip you hair.

BRING A BRUSH, and some dry shampoo! Even a few scarves and a hair tie, all things that can change up your look easily from location to location. It’s a great way to make one shoot look like it’s been done over a few days rather than one hour. 

5. Know your audience 

I know I go on about this a lot, but everything you produce should have your audience in mind. If I sold fun bright socks I wouldn’t get a super corporate looking headshot done. But is I was a solicitor I wouldn’t get a photo of me with my pink and purple striped socks pulled up and dancing. People want to know a little more about you through these photos. 

6. Breathe

Getting photos taking of yourself can be a daunting prospect, this can bring up a number of nervous habits, like chatting! This is great to relax you, but your photographer might get a little jacked because they need photos of you smiling not with your mouth open! Your photographer and assistant are usually great at calming you and letting you know what need from you. Taking a deep breath always helps and don’t forget to SMILE. 

7. Check yourself

My last tip is to make sure you do a quick check of your outfit, face, hair and even practice a few smiles in the mirror. If you happen to get a photographer who isn’t great at attention to detail, you might end up with photos of you smiling with spinach in your teeth! 

Check out our inspo page for some great headshots PINTEREST.

Each month we are holding headshot sessions in Bayside Melbourne, weather dependant we take our subject to a few different locations to make sure we get a suit of images that truly reflect their brand and personality. 

The next session is August 30th, starting at 9.30am. Spaces are limited, contact me if you'd like to book. Our packages are very affordable and our amazingly talented team member Dani Knox is ready to work her magic.

X With Hustle & Heart,  

Alecia  Founder GBA


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