I had no clue what hard work was...

Dear Previous Employers, 

It has come to my attention over the past 3 years that while I was employed by you, I failed you.  Although I am from the generation that never responded to a request with, "But that's not in my job description," and I was previously proud of my work ethic and determination, I now I was operating at less than capacity. 

I considered myself a hard worker, did unpaid overtime, went above and beyond what was expected of me, was always polite, friendly and had a positive attitude, you thought I was all of this and more. 

It is clear now; I had no idea what hard work was. After running my small business, I feel I have a grasp on what you went through daily. There are no 9-5 business hours, there is no switching off and enjoying free time, there certainly isn't endless free cups of tea and coffee and people to chat with in the staff room. 

I am now the CEO, marketing manager, social media manager, graphic designer, photographer, bookkeeper, receptionist, cleaner, cook, chief butt wiper, for my four-year-old (not staff), art director, HR manager, sponsorship manager, event planner ..... I think you get the picture. 

If I am not working on my business I am thinking about it; how to grow, how to do things better, faster, how to get more traction, what I need to do to get more engagement, how to attract the next lot of members, clients, guests. My mind buzzes with ideas, dreams, and goals to set for tomorrow. 

Statement of fact: If I worked for you as hard as I work for myself I would only need to come to the office for two days a week to get the workload done. I can now squeeze 2-3 hours workload into 60min between school pick up, food shopping, laundry, meeting, clients, Dr appointments, haircuts and life. I surprise myself daily on the work I manage to churn out. I freely admit, sometimes the quality of work is not stellar, but it gets done, and quick.

I cannot afford to pay you back for the hours wasted, nor do I want to come back and work for you. The truth is, I love being my own boss; I love to be in control of my business destiny and now know why you were in business yourself. 

The future looks great, and maybe one day soon I can hire a team of 'mini me's to work hard for me. 

Dear Boss, I failed you!


With Hustle & Heart, 

Alecia Minster


Head Office

Happy Spaces

level 1/616 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock VIC 3193

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