Do you have an email address that's info@?

In this crazy life of small business, we are all trying to connect with our customers, give excellent service and let them know they are important to us. So why do we depersonalise the methods our customers can get in touch with us?

I've been using the sign off 'x With Hustle & Heart' for three years; recently we took on a new community manager and an intern, both have adopted these two words as their emails address, Têya is a wonderful, soulful and generous woman, a perfect fit for, and Remy is quite literally all 'HUSTLE!' so I couldn't think of a better email address for her than At this stage, these rolls are occupied by freelancers, so the importance of being able to transfer the emails to another user is essential.

You are not dull, the heart of your business is you, while info@ is easy, it's also very beige and blarghhh. What your customers want is a connection and excellent service. If you are a creative business, let that shine from the first contact.

Don't we seem a lot bigger when we use info@?

Like using pronouns like

'us' & 'we' even though it's just me?

The further of work is quickly changing, and what seemed important ten years ago (like being a big company) is not so now. However, Sara Horowitz, Founder of the Freelancers Union, says that today: "Freelancers are 1 in every 3 workers."

Let's get personal baby!

  • Use your first name! It feels great when you are treated like your are important, "I can take care of that for you, please email me directly on aleciaminster@'

  • What if you have a dozen staff on board? Or more? "Rachael is the sunshine in our fulfilment department, Rachael would love to help answer your questions! Email her at jRachael@, and she'll get back to you lickety-split.

  • Your email address is often your first impression. Ditch the generic google or Hotmail account. A new personalised one will be powerful and reassuring to your customer/client. It's also a significant brand identity and if you have a first name like mine, helps them spell it correctly (they still sell it wrong).

  • It's your reputation: You are selling your knowledge and expertise. It marks your communication with not only the authority but personal credibility, by you and your staff.

  • Being personal is working. It's what today's businesses and customers crave. That's why I'm helping clients show their true colours through finding, living and launching their business dreams.

Ready to start living your purpose? Let's talk.

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