Call in your support crew; we are here for you.


Our mission is simple, to give real women in business the community, knowledge and confidence they need to create and scale their project and/or passion.


Our wonderful members from around the country are a huge part of the decisions being made behind the scenes right now.  We are continuing to provide mentoring, education and support for our tribe.  


Whilst owning my own business over the past four years and using 20+ years experience in the Marketing, Communication and Creative industries, I have developed an intrepid curiosity for the new and innovative.  


Working with small business, multi-nationals, full-service agencies and contractors, has enabled me to have a depth of knowledge across a diverse range of specialities and provided a wonderful opportunity for growth.  

I’m a unicorn! 




With Hustle & Heart, 

Alecia Minster

Founder of GBA



GBAlab is a digital marketing agency like no other. 

Imagine having an expert team working for your brand.  


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Head Office

Happy Spaces

level 1/616 Balcombe Rd, Black Rock VIC 3193

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